Epic has announced a new "collaborative art jam" called Project Titan.

Created in partnership with Amazon Web Services, Project Titan will give artists the opportunity to collaborate on a large open world game over the course of 10 weeks. The challenge is open to everyone, so students and experienced veterans alike are encouraged to join.

This is a rather unique challenge, and there are a lot of moving parts. Here are the key points you should know if you are interested:

  • Epic has created a base open world landscape. It is up to artists to fill it with characters, props, structures, etc.
  • Artists will collaborate via a Perforce server hosted by Epic on AWS. Participants will receive login credentials when the challenge begins.
  • Epic staff and "other games industry experts" will be offering support along the way.
  • You cannot use purchased assets.
  • You cannot use any AI image or model generation tools.
  • You cannot use other artists' existing concepts as a basis for your 3D work.
  • The final result will be released as a free open world sample project.

The project will kick off with an Inside Unreal livestream on March 28. This will be followed by weekly progress update livestreams starting on April 5 and concluding June 7 when the challenge ends.

You can register on ArtStation under one (or all) of five disciplines. Read each challenge page for full details and FAQs.

Epic has announced a new "collaborative art jam" called Project Titan.