And so it begins anew

A new chapter begins for Unreal Slackers, paving the way for an exciting future. Plus: Unreal Fest, Epic First Run, and FAB delays.

Nick Pfisterer β€’
And so it begins anew

Hey everyone,

It's Nick, the creator of Unreal Slackers. You probably know me as pfist on Discord. If you signed up in the past 24 hours: thank you, and welcome! If not, you're receiving this newsletter because you signed up to be notified when the new Unreal Slackers website and identity were launched. That day has finally arrived.

Unreal Slackers is now Unreal Source, and we're expanding beyond Discord to offer an independent publication dedicated to helping you keep up with the Unreal ecosystem. There is more to come in the future, but for now, enjoy our first monthly newsletter.

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This month in Unreal

Unity sets the internet ablaze

If you told me a month ago that my first newsletter for Unreal developers would include a story about Unity, I wouldn't have believed you. But here we are. In case you've been living under a rock, here's what you missed:

It's been pretty hard to ignore, and we've seen a significant influx of Unity refugees over on our Discord server. It has been encouraging β€” but not surprising β€” to see Unreal developers stepping up to welcome Unity refugees, offering them resources, and answering their questions. Game developer Joe Wintergreen created a microsite specifically for Unity developers who want to get started with Unreal. It tackles a lot of the misconceptions that many people have about Unreal Engine and its business model.

Personally, I feel good about sticking with Unreal over the years. No matter how you feel about the revised terms proposed by Unity as a result of the outcry, for many, the faith they had in Unity is gone. I feel for anyone coming to Unreal from Unity. Obviously I welcome them and wish them well, but switching game engines is a monumental task. So if you see a Unity developer who is evaluating Unreal for the first time and seems overwhelmed or confused, consider lending a helping hand. But – and this is important – don't be weird about it. Don't treat people as if they are finally seeing the light. Just welcome them as you would any other newcomer to Unreal.

In other news:

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Until next time

That's a wrap on our first newsletter! I'm excited to finally start writing this newsletter along with the new website, and I hope you found it useful. I've got a few articles up on the site for you to check out – including this one about the new name and my vision for the site – with more on the way.

If you can't wait until the next newsletter, I will be sharing breaking news, updates, and community finds over in our Notes feed.

Keep in touch, and send us anything you think is worth sharing. Until next time.

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